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West Texans caring for one another….
that is what we do!

Whether you received a new diagnosis or just moved into the community, please know that there are great service providers in West Texas providing year around services.  

West Texans Serving Individuals with Disabilities and their Families” (WTSID) is a coalition of community nonprofits working together to provide a wide range of services and programs to individuals including children, adolescents and adults with disabilities. This includes special programs and services for families.

The goal of WTSID is to provide a comprehensive overview of community resources for individuals with disabilities and their families and provide choices that meet individual needs.  

WTSID offers year around programs and services, accredited schools, rehabilitation services, support for siblings and families, a variety of therapies, online support, community education and special events.

WTSID is facilitated and supported by Midland Shared Spaces, a community collaboration center.